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What kids say about the Love Dogs

George is a shy dog, like many of the children

Love Dog Adventures is an animal assisted therapy program in Las Vegas. The handlers and animals are all Delta Pet Partner trained and registered and the program itself is a Pet Partner Affiliate.

One of the most important initiatives has been the anti-bully program called Be Cool, Not Cruel and this past year they have visited numerous first and second grade classes across the valley.

A very simple concept - look at teasing and bullying through the eyes of the dogs.

Sometimes we don't realize the impact we have until we start seeing the feedback come rolling in. Here are just a few of the comments we received from the schools we visited:

  • I learned to be nice to people and animals
  • Some dogs can be shy, like me
  • All the dogs were different, like people
  • I learned that we should never hit dogs or throw things at them
  • Thank you for teaching us not to tease dogs
  • Cassidy taught me dogs can have beards and be really different
  • Boise is so sleepy - how do you keep him so quiet?
  • The dogs made me feel HAPPY
  • I like Benny the most because he is just like me
  • I never saw such a tiny dog like Petey
  • I really liked George because I am really shy too
  • Thank you for teaching us not to tease dogs or people
  • I learned not to pet a dog in their face
  • I learned how to greet a dog the nice way
  • I learned dogs are all different, even if the same breed
  • I learned that dogs have feelings
  • I didn't know dogs had such feelings and won't tease them anymore
  • George and Boise are my favorite dogs because they are BIG bit not scary
  • I never met dogs that calm and quiet and special
  • I learned to always Be Cool, Not Cruel with people and animals

If you are interested in having the Love Dogs visit your school or camp program, contact The program is Free and all the handlers and dogs are volunteers

For more information about the Love Dog therapy program, visit

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