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What Kids Are Saying About Be Cool,Not Cruel

Boise is a great dog

The Love Dogs travel from school to school sharing their message of tolerance and kindness with the Be Cool, Not Cruel anti-bully program. This initiative is targeted to first and second graders with the goal of reaching the children at a very young age. Through the eyes of the dogs, the children learn to appreciate differences and celebrate everyone's unique talents and strengths.

They also learn how to be gentle and kind and understand that "you don't have all be the same."

The more schools the program visits, the more amazing feedback is received from the children. Here is as sampling of what some children say after visiting with the Love Dogs:

- Thank you for teaching me how to pet a dog.

- I really like Petey because he gave me good dreams.

- Thank you for teaching me about all different kinds of dogs.

- Petey made me sad but then I saw how awesome he was even though he has no teeth!

- Thank you for showing us how to take care of dogs.

- I didn't know dogs have feelings.

-Thank you for teaching us about the spirit of love.

- The smiles and excitement on the faces of the children whenever they think about the Love Dogs is incredible - thank you for visiting our school!

- How do you keep the dogs so quiet???

- I learned how to be Cool not Cruel to people and dogs.

For more information about the Be Cool, Not Cruel program visit

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