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What Jennie Garth, Pam Anderson, Matthew McConaughey and other celebrities have in common: RV travel

Jennie Garth
Photo by The Heart Truth

Actress Jennie Garth did it with five kids, two dogs, and a pig. The former star of Beverly Hills: 90210 recently revealed on the Today show that she took a cross-country trip in her RV, stopping to visit her brother in Oklahoma. Garth admitted that she doesn’t like to fly, but she also likes the family time she gets in the RV. Garth told Access Hollywood back in 2007: “The minute I step foot in the motorhome, I feel at ease. I don't have anything else to think about except taking care of my family.”

Actor and musician Jeff Daniels hit the road in his 42-foot Travel Supreme for a music tour in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula during a snowstorm in December 2009. Daniels, one of the actors in the 2006 movie R.V. with Robin Williams, posted videos of his RV trip on YouTube. Daniels says, “I don’t think you can call yourself a real American until you’ve been behind the wheel of a recreational vehicle.”

Actress Drew Barrymore appeared on The Tonight Show back in February 2009 and had the following to say of her one-month RV trip: “It was one of the most fun, soul-fulfilling, entertaining, interesting experiences of my life!”

Actress Pamela Anderson had her Airstream trailer converted into a “LoveStream” trailer, complete with stripper pole and vibrating bed. Access Hollywood has the video of Anderson showing off her rolling stripper pole.  Anderson reportedly put the LoveStream up for sale back in 2008.

Actor Matthew McConaughey doesn’t like to stay in hotels. He prefers to travel the country in his Airstream trailer, if he can find a place to park it. In his acceptance speech for the 2007 RVIA Spirit of America Award, McConaughey said that he often will drive his trailer to his movie locations. The actor said: “One of my favorite things about RVing is having a new backyard every day.” McConaughey further said of RVing: “That’s freedom to me.”


  • Profile picture of Drew Denny
    Drew Denny 4 years ago

    This is how I want to retire. Just sell the house and buy an RV and drive until I'm dead.

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