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What it takes to be a stylish man in Alabama

MMA Affliction tee shirts (No!), graphic tees with cartoons, and Alabama/Auburn collegiate pride prints across your chest will not attract the woman of your dreams. Nor will they stop the current woman of your dreams (God bless her) from incessantly ranting and lecturing about how you need to dress better. I hate it when I'm in a clothing store and see a woman attempting to dress an obviously clueless man. Once a woman looked at me shaking her head with a sort of pitiful and embarrassed face and said, "I've got to help him dress better so he can get a girlfriend." I nodded my head in agreement and said, "That's the only way it's going to happen." So, what does it take to be a stylish man in Alabama? Here are some tips that will help your style and help your bravado. Know the look you want.

Do you want to dress urban, casual, chic, bohemian? Once you've made that decision, you need to exploit that style to your advantage. You should prey on your options and manipulate them so you look fresh and brand-new. You should invest in a couple of pairs of denim that fit. Here's a rule to follow: whatever your neck measurement is (15 1/2), double it, and that's your waist size(31). Your denim should never be too long in length. Don't be afraid to show some ankle. Not everyone can wear skinny jeans, but make sure they're form fitting and not too big or baggy. Style also advocates taking chances. Think Andre 3000 or Johnny Depp and wear bright-bold colors as well as mix patterns. Lastly, stay groomed and stay healthy. Style is a function of maintaining good health, so you feel confident about yourself and will be unbridled in your style choices. 


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