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What it means to recover from mental illness

Letting your recovery shape you is the key to success.
Letting your recovery shape you is the key to success.
Keith A. Little

Recovery from mental illness is seen by many to be a different story. Some believe that recovery is what you make it. Others say it is overcoming your illness. To define what recovery is, let us look at it in a way other than just from a mental illness.

From a standpoint of addiction, recovery is a life long process which changes you as you go along it. Recovery from a lost parent or child is also something that changes you over time. You can see the same with other illnesses such as cancer HIV, and so on.

Recovery isn't something that you find, and it's all over. Recovery is looking onward to what you can do knowing what is behind you. Recovery is looking back at something that has changed you into the person you are today and truly loving that person you now are. We won't see our lost loved ones in this lifetime, but we can honor their memory by changing for the better because we know that would be what they would want.

We can move on from cancer and help others be more aware. We can move on and be changed by all of these different things, and we can make things better than they were for us, because we have recovered, and now we can help those still in recovery. It always hurts to look back from where we came, but we are recovered because we can look back and think about how we would see the world today, if we didn't have those experiences to be a shining light for others.

Recovery is not just a goal, it is something you can share. Share your recovery story with those you know and love who are struggling through recovery. Not all recoveries are the same, but they do have very similar components.