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What is your health outlook?

We all have medical needs. We all want to have a positive outlook on our health and what that can mean long term. What are the tools we need to succeed?

The Policy...

Find a good website to get your information from, wiki's are full of errors and are not founded information, in that lay people often write those articles from personal experience and are not doctor or nurses in most cases. In searching for related medical concerns you should seek out websites like Mayo Clinic. where the articles are published by doctors in the areas you are most interested in.

Before going to a doctor you should have a list of important questions to ask or have clarified in your mind before you arrive. In the best case you will have a PHR, or Personal Health Record of your own that you can obtain FREE from HealthVault or one like it. Where you can input all of you known health related issues, prescriptions, surgeries from the past and current conditions that you need help with. If you are need of information on nutrition my favorite source is LiveStrong, where they have vast resources, links and broad spectrum diets for all disorders.

In recent months our Affordable Care Act has hit the pavement not running but jogging, millions signed up for coverage, million more didn't get accepted. The States that provide Medicaid to millions of pregnant women, and the coverage for children didn't suffer much but those States that didn't chose to include those that are hard working self employed or unemployed either didn't fit the profile for that type of insurance or in the market place, the money to start insurance through the market place was money up front, that those millions of people simply do not have it to give. The fine is not an incentive to run out and pay hundreds of dollars to not get the same care as say the President of the United States, did he have to go the Market Place and buy insurance? I question the entire process because it seems that the "haves" just made another mark in time where the "have nots" are pushed away again.

Increasingly the gap is widening to such a disparaging degree that people with education beyond high school are also being left behind. Medical needs are a daily agenda. Most people suffer from something. Our Nation has drawn a line in the sand, and all Americans are told to stand on either side and chose. If you have a doctor, a health plan from work, have a 401K, and are basically healthy then you are only a small percentage of the US population that are not affected by the new health law.

Get informed, have a plan, and don't settle for the first thing that you see that might keep you from being fined at tax time! Just because it is a "health plan" do research on that company, see how many people are enrolled, and make sure you know what you are paying for. Some "medical insurance" isn't insurance at all but a front to steal your money as was shown a number of times on investigative television programs. They "out" companies that profess to cover you in an illness but when you go to take care of that illness you are held to point on all of the charges and the company you selected, has opted out of your care, or they never covered any of the basic needs of an insurance policy for health related needs.

Moral of this article is to be INFORMED, there are so many ways to be taken to the cleaners!

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