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What is your first grader learning?

First Graders
First Graders
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The parent-teacher conference can be as brief, long, or as intense as parents would like. The conversation content however should be satisfying for all parties involved – your child, yourself and the teacher.
Continuing in the vein of what your first graders should know here are additional benchmarks to guide the conversation:
Sit: At the end of the semester year, your 1st grader should have the discipline of long term sedentary learning. Preparation for the second grade will require the ability to sit and learn for more than two hours.
Social maturity: It is not too early to learn “empathy” for others, in fact, teachers begin this lesson the first week in school. The maturity from interacting with others is taught via reasoning skills and it takes a special type of teacher to develop this skill. Not every teacher should or want to teach first graders; it is demanding work.
Logic: Through reading and other teaching tools your first grader should be able to retell stories and events chronologically. If the dog ate the bone your first grader should be able to relay the events. Some advance first graders can extend the recap to next steps and consequences, kudos to them.
Academics: Your child by mid-semester, if not sooner, should be able to spell basic words, use phonics to read, read “high-frequency” sight words, write basic sentences, solve basic math problems, be familiar with time, and have some understanding of conjunction and prepositions.
Common sense learning: First grade teachers know how to develop 1st graders common sense skills. These skills manifest in your child’s ability to read comprehensively, plan for the future, resolve conflict with classmates, and a thorough use of left and right concept.
Through it all remember your 1st grader was just wean from your “bosom” so he will still look for lots of affection and he would like it in hugs and kisses. Do this while you can because as he gets older hugs and kisses will become a thing of the pass.

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