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What is your favorite Universal Orlando moment?

Since it's inception, the Universal Orlando Resort has been in a battle with the park that the mouse built in an effort to separate visitors from their hard earned cash. For most of their history, it has been a losing battle, but since the boy who lived took up residence on their property, the balance of power has started to tip in their favor. Now, visitors don't automatically say that they are travelling to the Orlando area to visit the World, but many instead say that they are going to see Harry Potter.

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Universal Orlando

With this undeniable fact in mind, the park has recently launched a campaign inviting people to share their favorite Universal Orlando moments and potentially be featured in a future Universal Orlando ad campaign. Guests can participate by sharing their memories through photos and videos on Twitter, Vine and Instagram using #UniversalMoments.

They can also upload their favorite Universal Orlando photos and videos -like their first time conquering The Incredible Hulk Coaster or dancing with the minions - directly to the newly minted website or browse the site to see favorite moments of other fans.

So, if you've ever been face to face with your comic book idol, come toe to toe with a sworn enemy of the modern world, or gotten to pet a long extinct dinosaur so real you'd swear that the scientists of Jurassic Park actually succeeded in their work, now might just be the time to share your amazement with the world. You never know; you could be one of the lucky ones selected to be in the future ad campaign that will be contacted at a later date by Universal Orlando Resort.

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