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What Is Your Favorite Song?

What’s your favorite song? Don’t you hate that question? It is much like asking a parent which one of your children is your favorite. You don’t have to be the writer of the song or the lyrics. You don’t even have to own the recording. But every song has some meaning for everyone that hears it. You may not have strong feelings about a particular recording but you have some feelings. Take for example “Sweet Home Alabama.” Play that song any where in the south, maybe even any where around the USA, and you will get a reaction. In the south most people enjoy hearing that song even if it isn’t a favorite. They may have a memory from their past. For some they remember the loss of some of the band members in a plane crash. But everyone has a thought or feeling about a song.
How do you choose a favorite? You really don’t have to and don’t let anyone tell you any different. There are several local groups from Greenville who have awesome music. Locals will tell you how much they love their music. They may even have a favorite song from the band for a time. But is it for all time.
Most people have a song that means something to them for a period of time in their life. It makes them happy when they are sad. It calms them when they feel rattled. It may even make them remember someone they love that they have lost. But can anyone really have one song that is a forever, all the time favorite? Someone once told me that the song “When A Man Loves A Woman” by Michael Bolton was their favorite song. But when pressed she did admit that there where times when that song just wasn’t what she wanted to hear.


  • Connie 5 years ago

    Nope. Can't name just ONE favorite song. It's impossible. Like you said, there are plenty of songs that speak to me from across the decades. Songs like "I Want to Hold Your Hand", by the Beatles. One of the first songs I remember loving. Then there's Paul Anka's, "Laughter in the Rain". I requested this one over and over on the radio, and would wait for hours to hear it.
    "Endless Love" may be cheesy, but it means a lot to me and was a hit the summer I was engaged to my hubby. These three just skim the surface, and honestly if ask, they probably wouldn't even make my top 100. It's just that they have special meaning for different times of my life.

    It's a woman's preogative to change her mind. :) After thinking about it, there is one song that would come very close to being an all time favorite, and ironically, it doesn't evoke a specific memory. I've just always held it close to my heart. And the winner is....(drum roll) Desperado, by the Eagles!!!

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