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What is your favorite flower and what kind of floral arrangement do you like ?

There are uncountable kinds of flowers available for floral arrangements. You must have a certain flower you like best of all. And at the same time we find various types of floral decorations. By way of combining favorite fresh flowers and favorite type of arrangement, we can create the most favorite floral decoration.

floral arrangement
California Flower Art Academy
floral design: table arrangement
California Flower Art Academy

If you love flowers and have interest in floral arranging, you must be always paying attention to new types of floral designs introduced to the market one after another. From season to season AND also from event to event, we find different kinds of flowers arranged in various types of decorations. Those who are taking lessons of floral art can learn a variety of floral arrangements using flowers that are at their best in each season.

People who work as a professional floral designer are required to offer most beautiful floral decorations to their customers according to the availability of seasonal flowers and also the requirement from their customers.

Take wedding parties and ceremonies for instance, some customers make specific request about the selection of fresh flowers as well as the type of floral arrangement based on which wedding flower decorators must set up total decorations. So in order to comply with requests from your customers, you had better have a wide range of portfolio on your floral decorations, which helps you expand your floral business.

Followings are some of typical flowers in each season. When making floral arrangements in each season, you think about unique floral arrangements using these flowers so that you make your customers satisfied and happy:

*Winter Flowers: poinsettias, amaryllis, roses, snowballs, bluebells, carnations, winter daphnes

*Spring Flowers: daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, crocuses, tulips, lilies of the valley, anemones

*Summer Flowers: dahlias, daisies, hydrangeas, poppies, zinnias, marigolds, sunflowers, lilies

*Autumn Flowers: camellia, delphiniums, allium, foxtail orchid, gerbera, gladiolus, marigold

By using above seasonal flowers, you can make a variety of floral arrangements ranging from vertical arrangement, horizontal arrangement, tiny cub container arrangement, Ikebana arrangement featuring line flowers, mass arrangement, parallel arrangement, bouquet, basket arrangement, pomander, wreath or regular type of table arrangements (aka centerpieces) whatsoever.

You can enjoy seasonal flowers as well as various types of floral arrangement which fits each flower. For those who love flowers and want to earn skills of floral arranging, taking floral design lessons is recommended at a reliable floral school. California Flower Art Academy has been teaching a variety of floral arrangements from European designs to Japanese Ikebana, wedding to funeral decorations AND beginner to professional levels since 1990 as a floral school certified by Flower Decorators Association (Tokyo, Japan). If you are looking for a reliable floral school offering hands on training of ONE ON ONE instructions, why not join California Flower Art Academy ?

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