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What is your fashion personality?

The holidays are over and it is a new year. Soon the spring fashions will be in the stores.
Now is the time to take a fashion inventory. Before you do a closet audit, shop your closet, or go clothing shopping, take the time to reflect. Who are you really? You must know yourself before you can determine your fashion personality? Your personality dictates your individual style. If you ignore your personality and only buy the latest trends and “must haves”, you risk losing your identity and becoming a fashion victim.

Image Consultants classify fashion personalities into anywhere from 4 to 18 fashion personality types. I prefer the classification of 7 basic fashion types developed by Alyce Parsons and Diane Parente. They are sporty, traditional, elegant, dramatic, creative, dramatic, feminine/romantic, and alluring/sexy.

The sporty fashion personality type, also referred to as natural or casual, is perceived as friendly and outgoing. The traditional or classic fashion personality is businesslike and dependable. The elegant fashion personality is sophisticated, refined, and glamorous. The dramatic is an in-your-face fashion personality and is fashionable, flamboyant, and glamorous. The creative fashion personality is artistic, bohemian, and exotic. The feminine/romantic fashion personality is soft, charming, and gentle. The alluring/sexy fashion personality is glamorous, flirtatious and seductive.

Most women’s personal style is a combination of two or three basic fashion personality types.
A professional image consultant can help you assess your fashion personality style.

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