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What is your excuse for not exercising?

What excuse are you still using to avoid a healthy lifestyle? So you are not exercising. And your excuse is? You know that exercise and a healthy diet are essential for being healthy, yet you avoid exercise at all costs.

Is your excuse that you don’t have time? Doesn’t hold up. You have time to watch TV. You have time to be on Facebook. The experts say that just 20 minutes three times a week is all you need for a basic exercise program that will improve your health. Surely you can spare one hour out of the 168 we all get in a week? If your health is not a priority, then why not?

Perhaps your excuse is that you do not belong to a gym— there isn’t one nearby and, besides, it is expensive. A workout does not have to have any special equipment, and certainly does not require that you pay for a gym membership. So get rid of that excuse.

Are you one of those who say exercising is too hard? Well, it might be if you expect to run a marathon in the next week. There are three levels of exercisers—beginner, intermediate, and expert. The expert had to start somewhere and probably many years ago. So do not beat yourself up because you cannot complete an hour of Pilates. It takes baby steps to condition your body, and you have to start at the beginning with things you can do.

If your excuse is that exercise is boring, then you likely have not found one that you enjoy. Exercise comes in many forms, including DVDs, classes, and just old-fashioned walking. Find something you like. Take a class at a community center. Get together with neighbors to walk each day. The only thing boring is your attitude toward exercise.

As we begin a new school year, why not begin a new exercise program. Whatever your excuse for not exercising, ditch it! If you don’t, be prepared to face the consequences, which can include health complications or, at worst, an early death.

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