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What is your "Digital Shadow" Watch Dogs will make you wish you never knew

Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs

We are sharing all day via social media, emails etc. Often getting sucked into connecting our different networks. Whether you play games on Facebook, use instagram or love to Pinterest things you have to hit that "allow access" button. What we don't think about is what is actually happening. If you want your online world turned upside down the new advertisement for "Watch Dogs" will do just that.

While this is a very clever advertisement for a video game, it also teaches a lesson. You are an assassin's target, being studied and followed. Your friends, family associates are all useful to the one who wants to take you out. All you need to do to see what they see is "allow access" like we mindlessly do all the time. If you want to see just how much of you is available and how easy you are to "take out" Click Here trust me you will not regret it.

It will make you think though...