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What Is Your Definition Of Healthy?

Salad. Fruit Shake. Sushi: To a lot of people, these are some of the foods that are considered without question as "healthy," but, did you know that 3 harmless pieces of the Spider roll can have 9 grams of fat?

I don't have an official answer, but I have personally observed during recent outings to Red Koi in the Gables and Sushi Siam in the Grove that the average sushi dinner has been made up of 3 rolls to share amongst 2 people. At the end of the meal of elaborate sushi rolls, not much is left. If the average roll has 8 pieces, that's 24. If each person eats 10 pieces, that's easily around 27-30 grams of fat! That's without counting carbs or soy sauce.

A better alternative would be to have 2 lighter rolls, such as the California Roll and the Spicy Tuna and then having 1 higher calorie roll like the Spider or other specialty roll like the delicious Fuji roll with volcano scallops from Red Koi.

Salads are another calorie sucker. A lettuce and chicken mix is very healthy, but add the Caesar part and you can end up with 19 grams of fat mostly from the dressing alone in your formerly "healthy" Chicken Caesar Salad.

It's very simple to keep a salad healthy. Forego the dressing or opt for light or fat free versions. Another way to add healthy fat into your diet is to use a mixture of olive oil and vinegar to make your own dressing. Some of the worst dressings are Creamy Italian Dressing and the Caesar Dressing.

Do you still see "healthy" the same way? I bet not. If you have other unexpected findings, please feel free to share.


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