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What is your biggest challenge?


We all have difficulties, weaknesses, and challenges in life but there is always one that stands head and shoulders above the rest. It takes the form of many things in your life, but it is the thing with which you consistently struggle. It's different for everyone.

I thought it would be beneficial to share what is my biggest challenge. Being a life coach it is easy to develop the expectation that you need to stay on top, developmentally speaking. I find myself guilty of this sometimes. It actually becomes a burden if I let it.

What it does is put an inordinate, and unnecessary, amount of pressure on me to perform. This pulls me away from just being me and allowing my weaknesses and imperfections be exposed. I want my clients to feel confident that I am capable of helping them achieve their goals, so I have a tendency to try and mask anything that I feel will threaten that confidence level.

I must continually keep that mentality in check. If not I find that I slip into performance mode and it begins to affect my efficacy as a coach. When I am more focused on myself than my client, I am not fully present for them. I step out of being authentic to who I am and begin performing according to what I imagine others expect me to be. This is not a healthy place to be for anyone.

I find this happens a lot with my clients as well. It is so easy to do this because your performance is constantly under review by someone or some group of individuals. The important bit is to understand that who you are and consistently doing your best will never be any better by worrying or acting like someone you're not.

Pay attention to your motives and anxiety level moving forward in what you do. Try to pick up on what is your biggest challenge in your day to day happenings. If you are able to relate to my biggest challenge, then try to remain aware of when you feel yourself stepping out of authenticity and slipping into performance mode to please the imagined expectations of others.

There are many things that can pose a challenge for us, but only you know what your biggest one is. It’s entirely possible that you won’t have a “biggest” challenge that you could talk about off the top of your head. Don’t worry about that. Just begin to pay attention to the things that cause you significant amounts of anxiety.

This is nothing more than an awareness exercise. Try to find out why those particular things cause you anxiety. If you ask yourself the question “why” enough times, you will get to the real reason for feeling anxious. It is quite liberating to find out the reasons behind our feelings. We become empowered to make changes in our perceptions so we are able to manage ourselves in a way that is more beneficial to the future we want to achieve.

Enjoy finding your biggest challenge. Being aware of it can give you a great advantage in how you manage yourself around the areas that are potential weakspots for you. You don't have to get rid of your weak areas. If you become aware of them you will be able to proactively manage them and not only react to when they influence your world. Enjoy the discovery and as always have fun!

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