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What is Yo and how to use Yo to your advantage

Have you heard of Yo, the iPhone app. that's becoming stunningly popular even though it only performs one function - sending your contacts or anyone in the world you "add" a "Yo"?

Screen Capture of the Yo About Section
App. Screen Capture

With Yo, when you send one of your contacts a Yo, they receive a notification on their phone in the same manner as other push notifications with the word Yo on the screen. If you swipe the Yo notification from that contact, it will open the Yo app. and that contact will move to the top of your Yo contact list - the most recent notifications float to the top.

So you must surely be wondering what the app. is used for or who would want to use it? I wondered the same thing too, but with over 1 million active users world wide, I thought to myself I should give it a shot, and I have to say I'm glad I did - it's rather interesting. The app. helps you suggest the app. to your contacts and friends (through Facebook, email, Twitter or SMS) and that's exactly what I did. So far I've got a handful of contacts using it with mean and I presume over time, if it's popularity continues to grow, we'll find or encounter a lot of great ways or reasons to use it.

As you can see by the main image of this post, Yo can be used for a variety of reasons, all depending on the intent of the users. You can get a Yo from your airline letting you know it's time to board, your favourite sports team can send you a Yo when the game is about to start, and if you're creative enough, you can use it to send notifications on just about anything.

In June (2014) Yo launched plans to expand their notifications to businesses, and today Yo confirmed receiving 1.5 million dollars in funding from investors. Does it sound like Yo might be something that could be quite useful to you yet?

So what can I use Yo for?

Send your friends a Yo when it's time to come over for a gathering or meeting. Send your girlfriend a Yo just to let her know you're thinking about her. To be honest with you I'm still a tad stumped as to the potential of this app. but I'm sure more ideas will come to me and other people or businesses as it's popularity increases.

Aside from all the different possible applications (intentions) of the app. Yo seems to be one of the easiest apps I've used in a long time. Plus it's simplicity is laid out in fresh bright coloured buttons that are simple to reach and use, especially on the iPhone. Download it, give it a try and feel free to leave your comments below if you've decided to and share your experiences with it.

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