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What is wrong with the K-12 education system?

The United States spends more money per student than most countries, but the American students’ performance is equal or lower than many of the countries that spend less money per student.

Their performance has been below average for several years. The students are also very weak in mathematical aspects that require higher levels of conceptual thinking.

The most recent Program for International Students Assessment Results (PISA) report (2012) ranked the United States number 26 in mathematics, 17 in reading and 21 in science among the 34 Organization for Economic Cooperation Development (OECD) countries.

Although we know what the high performing countries have done to ensure quality education for all their students, the United States continue to believe money is the solution. There are plenty of examples in the USA that demonstrate clearly money is not the answer.

The United States needs to recognize money is not the answer, and probably learn from Shanghai-China, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Finland, Canada and many of the other countries that have excellent education systems.

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