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What is wrong with President Karzai?

Is President Karzai high as kite?
Is President Karzai high as kite?
AP Photo

Former UN envoy stated today that Afghan President Hamid Karzai maybe mentally unstable, and using illegal drugs.

Isn’t to be expected that the current President of Afghanistan would have a drug problem? The most important crop in the country is opium. The United States wants President Karzai to somehow turn the country into some kind of modern Western democracy.

The Taliban appear to be able to wait NATO forces over the next several years. With such a country’s dependency on drugs and an expected herculean effort to govern, one would be more surprised if he is not on drugs.

It also may be a possibility that Hamid Karzai may be nothing more than another professional politician doing everything he can to survive.

Just like President Obama, Karzai maybe floating along with the winds to survive politically. Instead of dropping the public option in the health care bill to reach the center, Karzai is dropping the United States and going with the Taliban to appear to be in the Afghan middle.

It appears that the United States has failed in its mission in Afghanistan. They once had an opportunity to turn the country from a terrorist’s haven to political symbol of what the rest of the Middle East should strive to.

Believing that Karzai was the best politician to lead Afghanistan, the United States put too much reliance. Even to the point of ignoring his corruption and his inability to provide basic services to the people of the country. Schools and roads that were planned were never completed as the foreign aid money to build them disappeared. Karzai may have been as much of a contribution of the resurgence of the Taliban as the America’s war on Drugs.

As the anti drug politics that have become common in Colombia and Mexico seeped into this distant land, things began to change for the worse. Every time an opium field was sprayed, we created enemies.

The Drug War that was started in the 1980s may have finally dragged us to another Vietnam War with it complexities and political dilemmas.

Maybe Karzai was only expressing a little anger due to the situation; quite possibly he stepped on some dog shit.


  • Susanna Dvortsin 5 years ago

    You are so right about Karzai. He's the reject from twenty years ago before the Taliban that no one in Afghanistan wanted and now he is the President of Afghanistan. What exactly has he done for Afghanistan other than help the opium traders and ex-Tali's run it into the ground and allow all of the little regional tribes to take their cut?

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