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What is wrong with our segregated schools?


Michelle Obama made a startling observation about our socialist education system, she said that "many young people are going to schools with kids who look just like them" and if you've seen the looks of kids these days, that's a scary thought.

But the dearth of good looking kids wasn't her point, although it should have been, her point was that since the ruling of Brown vs Board of Education, which made segregation illegal, schools have been increasingly more segregated.

There's a distinction that should be made and that is on the one hand racial segregation is a pernicious practice to be sure, but on the other if students in a given class are less different in race, religion or hat size, does it make a material difference in their education? If a school or teacher is of high quality or even if both stink, the race of the child sitting next to your own would make no difference unless he's sitting at a drum set in math class, right?

There is a question that ought to be asked in this regard. Is it the case that if there is a class or school of predominately black students, this is necessarily a bad thing? If the answer is yes, is it also the case that a school or class of predominately white students also a bad thing for the same reason? The first lady and many other civil rights conscious thinkers make the case that there is increasing segregation, and that this is unacceptable. But is it harmful to only black children? Why don't we ever hear complaints that a school is segregated because it is too white?

In short, the civil rights industry is implying something that once and for all ought to be cleared up which is why is it that a predominately black school or classroom is on the face of it, bad, while the same cannot be said of white schools or classrooms?

To reiterate the distinction: Forced segregation is wrong because of what it implies which is that kids or even people of different races should not be mixed. This is institutional racism. However when cities find themselves with black neighborhoods (is this a bad thing too, liberals?) it generally follows that the schools will be heavily populated with black students. This isn't forced segregation. The schools may have less people of different races, but the question becomes, is there a problem here and why?

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