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What is wrong with Liza? Drunk? Dope? Stroke? We hear it's Parkinsons

We pray
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Something is very wrong with Liza with a Z.
Z as in "zombie."
When Ellen sided up to her last night for a photo op, Judy's oldest daughter appeared disoriented. There were body tics, weird body movements, affected speech.
As Liza's first official biographer, I have heard it was dope or booze or the signs of a stroke. (I had a stroke; I know those signs.) Someone in the know suggested Parkinsons.
Think about it: The Lufts and Minnelli were not even allowed on the stage for a moment, and certain camera angles showed the trouble Liza had rising for standing ovations.
Check out the photos.
On Liza. What's wrong?
You're turning only 68 in March 12!

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