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What is Tumblebus Hawaii?

School buses like these are transformed into a mobile gym for preschoolers.
School buses like these are transformed into a mobile gym for preschoolers.
Photo: nosheep/stock.xchng

If you've ever passed a yellow school bus marked "Tumblebus Hawaii" on the road and wondered what it was (like I did), here's the scoop.

Tumblebus Hawaii is a "gym on wheels" - the company uses old school buses, takes all the seats and interiors out, and fills them with mats and play equipment to create a mobile gym for toddlers and preschoolers.

Tumblebus is primarily for students who go to daycare or preschool. If your child and his or her school are registered, the Tumblebus will come to your child's school during their normal school hours and provide them with weekly, structured lessons plans, which focus on physical and gross motor development. The classes can have up to 15 kids at a time, and there will be two Tumblebus teachers on the bus during the classes. If you are interested in having your child participate in Tumblebus while at preschool or daycare, click here for more information.

Tumblebus is also available for private birthday parties. The Tumblebus can park at a residence or park for your' child's birthday party. The Tumblebus teachers will guide the kids through several activities including supervised free play, an obstacle course, relay races, parachute play, monkey bars, climbing mountain, and party games. All party goers will get a medal and the birthday boy or girl will be given a medal, trophy, and a Tumblebus shirt. For more information on Tumblebus parties, click here

For more information: Call (808) 230-8408