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What is TRX training?

You have probably heard all about TRX training ~ whether in a magazine, on TV, on the Internet ~ and you are wondering what is TRX?

TRX is Suspension Training. Suspension training is a unique training modality that uses our own body weight and gravity as resistance. TRX Suspension Training has one anchor point and is ground based; therefore we are able to recreate athletic movements freely. The simplicity of the TRX allows us to transition fluidly from exercise to exercise and work endurance, strength, power, balance, coordination, core and flexibility in one piece of equipment.

Why use TRX?
The TRX is extremely efficient because we can get a total body ALL CORE workout in as few as 15-20 minutes. TRX Suspension Training engages the core in each exercise and requires postural stabilization, thereby reinforcing the body alignment essential in swimming, other sports and everyday life.

Where can we use TRX?
It is very portable and weighs less than 2lbs, so if you are traveling you can still workout! It is easily anchored over pull-up bars, monkey bars, around a tree, over a door or on a squat rack, just to name a few.

Anyone at ANY fitness level can train on the TRX. Since our own body weight and the forces of gravity create our resistance, the intensity of a workout is easily adjustable by changing the angle of the body relative to the TRX.

Evolution Fitness offers this training in individual or small group classes. See for more details

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