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What Is Triphala and How It Works

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Triphala is a popular medicine in the traditional medicine of India, Ayurveda. It is actually a combination of three herbs, which are Amalaki, Haritaki, and Bhibitaki. The word triphala itself means “three fruits” (tri = three, phala = fruits).

How actually Triphala works
Each of the three herbs has its own benefit that is why its combination, triphala, is called a total health rejuvenator that was used to treat almost any disease.

Amalaki is a medicinal plant that contains Vitamin C. It is also known to be an effective antioxidant, cleansing the body of its toxins. Another benefit of this is due to its detox capabilities, it promotes the formation of new tissues that make the skin glow.

Bhibitaki is known for blood purifying functions. It also cleans the body of harmful toxins and helps flush out excess fat.

Haritaki is an herb that stimulates the functions of the body’s digestive system. It is also known to be effective for gastrointestinal problems. The fused benefits of these three herbs lead to many triphala benefits.

Detoxifying the body
Triphala acts as a mild laxative, and unlike most laxatives, it is safe to take it for long periods of time. It is considered be a powerful rejuvenating and restoring supplement, with anti-ageing effects and promoting long life. It detoxifies fat tissues, muscles and the blood, being an excellent remedy for skin diseases. Moreover, over time, it helps to remove the most persistent toxins. It tones the gastrointestinal tract, benefits digestion and daily elimination, corrects constipation, and purifies the blood.

In large doses it has a stronger laxative effect, which is why is recommended to begin taking it in small amounts, two to three grams of triphala powder with warm water in the evening, or between meals, three times a day in divided doses; or you can try capsules form.

Other benefits
As a detoxifying element, the substances in triphala purify blood and acts as a mild laxative that helps in cleaning the colon. It also helps in expelling worms and allows the body to maintain a condition wherein these infections cannot thrive. Experiments done on the effectiveness of triphala showed that it keeps the cholesterol level in check.

Side effects
On the other hand, side effects of triphala may occur, but rarely. In some cases of too much and prolonged consumption, it can cause diarrhea, gas or damage of colon muscles. As long as recommended dosage is respected, there should not be major side effects. However, nausea, difficulty in sleeping or fluctuations in blood sugar levels may appear.