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What is Treibball?

Treibball is a fun new way to play with your dog. It is also a competitive sport for dogs of all ages and sizes that creates better teamwork and communication between dogs and handlers. If your dog is really high energy, this will be lots of fun for them, but even the slower dogs will enjoy learning the skills involved. Treibball is well-suited for dogs that are good off-leash and combines obedience with herding skills and the fun of chasing around large exercise balls.

Treibball began in Germany to give their energetic dogs something to do that offered mental and physical exercise. Any dog can play, and dogs that likes to play chasing games, herd animals (and sometimes the neighbor's children), or for owners that want to help their dogs develop problem-solving skills this is a great new alternative.

Looking for a way to build a positive partnership with your dog? Treibball promotes the same kind of teamwork and communication as Agility, but does not put any physical stress on the handler - a perk for those getting older or not moving like they did in their younger days. The skills developed in Treibball also builds confidence for the shy dogs, and helps reactive dogs with impulse control.

To learn more about the sport, find trainers and events, visit the American Treibball Association

Have you tried Treibball? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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