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What is Total Wellness?

Peace and serenity
Peace and serenity

When you think about wellness, oftentimes, we tend to only think about changing the way we eat. However, wellness extends beyond what or how you eat. If you think about it, what would be the benefit of eating more salads and smoothies if every time you go to use your debit card, it’s overdrawn, or you don’t have the patience to effectively communicate your order to the server because of your attitude, or even because of their attitude? It takes a certain level of self-respect to be able to deal with someone who may not have earned your respect but, because of human decency, deserves your respect. Total wellness focuses on the interconnectedness of human beings and to be effective in this area, one has to be at peace with themselves and those around them.

Wellness does not only involve having healthier eating habits, it includes having a healthy and balanced:

  • Mental state (being at peace with yourself and “where” you are in this moment),
  • Spiritual state (recognizing God as the Creator; being accountable to your values and beliefs),
  • Emotional state (positively coping with life stressors; understanding the root cause of your feelings and addressing them appropriately)
  • Relational state (how you related to and support others; healthy communication),
  • Physical state (respecting yourself and initiating proper self-care), and
  • Financial state (proper understanding of budgeting/spending; gaining financial literacy to secure a more stable future for you and your family.

There must be balance within all of the above areas to achieve overall sustainability. The month of May is one of great significance, and has been deemed

May is also, observably, the 5th month of the year. The number 5 is representative of “Grace and Favor”. Let the month of May be to you, not only one of recommitment to that which will enhance and edify your life, but also one of ease as you rest in the grace of the Most High.

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