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What is this whole Lady Gaga thing?

If you are a boomer who doesn’t listen to pop radio or go to dance clubs you might have missed the whole Lady Gaga thing. She is a phenomenon in the same way as Madonna before her and Cher before her. Lady Gaga is not just a singer, but fashion icon, designer, and diva extraordinaire who, according to her official Web bio, names both Cyndi Lauper and Peg Bundy as some of her fashion influences.

Lady Gaga appears at the Monster Cable exhibit during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas
AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

Ever since Barbara Walters’ annual “Ten Most Fascinating People” program jumped the shark in December by featuring a brief interview with the Lady (Way-dee Ga-Ga in Barbara-speak) you really have no excuse not to at least feign recognition. To retain some hip status you may need to know at least the bare minimum.

A Lady Gaga primer
The 23 year-old Italian-American New Yorker made a name for herself shocking audiences on the lower east side club scene over the last several years.
Her hit single “Poker Face” has spent 48 weeks at #1 on Billboard’s Dance and Electronic chart. It has been downloaded more than 15 million times at roughly a buck per.
She recently became the first artist in the history of Billboard’s Top 40 Airplay chart to have their first five singles hit #1.
She is on every coed’s “getting ready for a big night out” playlist, making her a campus and sorority house rave.
She has five Grammy nominations and will perform at the January 31st awards ceremony on CBS (locally on WLKY-TV).
Don't look for her appearing at the Palace anytime soon. The closest date to Louisville is January 14th at

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  • Lex Rock Examiner 5 years ago

    She is definitely a phenomenon. I can't deny myself that she's totally mystified me....she has a very rock star quality about her.

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