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What is this freedom and new life that people talk about with Jesus Christ

Freedom in Christ
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The freedom and new life is a life filled with love. It is a love that fills you and touches everyone around you. A love that you were created by God to feel and express in a way that only you could express, with your unique personality, your unique way of looking at things, and your unique strengths. The greatest impact this love has is on our relationships.

The first relationship that is affected is with our heavenly Father. When we seek him out we discover that he values us very much. He sent his one and only son to die for our sins. We also discover that Jesus Christ was willing to lay down his life for us so that we could have a relationship with him and our heavenly father. Vary rarely do we here of a person laying down their lives for another person. Who has ever heard of God laying down everything he had to save his creation. That is an epic love, and we are the center and focus of his love.

Once we see how valuable we are to God. God is then able to teach us who we are. It seems like our whole lives the world, family, friends, and society, has tried to tell us who we are. God created us. Shouldn’t God be the one to reveal to us what makes us so unique and special. Wouldn’t God be a better choice to reveal to us the strengths that he has given us.

Finally, equipped with an understanding of how truly valuable and precious we are, knowing our true identity, then God is able to reveal our wonderful destiny and purpose that he created us to fulfill.

We have an amazing freedom in knowing are value. We have an amazing freedom knowing who we were created to be, and we have a clear sense of purpose.
I will let you in on a secret. Our purpose is all about loving other people.

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