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What is the Zimmerman House?

Zimmerman House display at Currier Museum of Art shows Wright design
Zimmerman House display at Currier Museum of Art shows Wright design
Virginia Sue Murphy

The Zimmerman House, located on Heather Street in Manchester is an original Frank Lloyd Wright design, built in 1950 and the only one in New England open for public tours. Bequeathed to the Currier Museum of Art in 1988, the one story brick-walled house attracts visitors from around the globe.

What's so special about a Frank Lloyd Wright house? It's called a Usonian Design; simple and practical, using natural materials and landscape to create a work of art. With a clay roof and unglazed brick outer walls, the house seems to belong in its surroundings and so it was intended. In fact, Wright designed it from the blueprints of the lot where it sits, using natural parts of the landscape for focal points. No paint has been used anywhere inside or outside of the house. Some of the magnificent inner features of the house are the built in and freestanding furnishings and practical use of space: one room seems to flow into another. Wright also was careful to create wonderful views from the windows. More information about Frank Lloyd Wright's designs may be found at:

The property was owned by Dr. Isadore Zimmerman and his wife where they lived for 36 years. He was a urologist at Sacred Heart Hospital (later CMC East and now Hugh Gallen Apartments), a son of Russian immigrants, and he loved the arts and playing the violin ( ). He and his wife loved great music and the art which is displayed throughout the house. The house was given to the Currier after Mrs. Zimmerman's passing in 1988.

The Zimmerman House is currently closed for the season, but tours will resume in April. A shuttle takes visitors to and from the Currier and space is limited. Reservations can be made online or by phone at 669-6144 X108. For more information, visit the Currier Museum of Art, 150 Ash St or visit their website at .