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What is the value of Aesop’s Fables in today’s business world?

"The Soldier and His Horse" provides a vivid depiction of how we should treat co-workers and other members of our team in the workplace.
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Although Aesop lived about 1,500 years ago the wisdom he shared is often overlooked by others. This is true of many other thought leaders such as Confucius and Gandhi who despite the tremendous ability and creating timeless sound bites they are often overlooked when seeking motivational quotes for our workday.

Unlike most motivational speakers offering a short sentence or two to keep us focused on positive thoughts towards personal or business growth Aesop use stories to make his point. Perhaps it is the storytelling aspect of his fables that reduce the frequency with which he is quoted. As society has been taught to listen to the sound bites it has forgotten the beauty of a fable.

Aesop creates a vivid picture image of the point that he is trying to make it such a way it is relevant even today. Possibly his most famous fable is a story of the tortoise and the hare, which was captured in animation several times. Over 200 other stories are equally as compelling and applicable to today’s business world. These include “The spendthrift and the swallow” and “The quarrel of the body parts”.

Aesop’s fables are no longer copyrighted so you can download them for free from to any e-reader. Read them carefully and consider their application at your job site.

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