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What is the story behind the UN's Agenda 21?

The United Nations.
The United Nations.
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

On Wednesday and Thursday the Examiner reported that various persons who are in a position to know have stated that the United States is now one baby step away from its demise as a free nation with an authoritative Constitution.

The progressives/Marxists/collectivists have now fulfilled most of their goals in the attempt to change America forever from a Constitutional Republic based on human liberty to some variation of Marxism or European socialism.

Part of this process involves adopting ominous and dangerous initiatives envisioned by the United Nations. The U.N. has long been a thorn in the side of conservatives with its emphasis on globalism, collectivism, world-wide taxation with no representation for citizens, civilian disarmament, and punishing prosperous nations such as the United States for its "evil" system of capitalism and its "rape of the environment."

None of this the U.N. has been able to justify with the facts. These things are merely propaganda tools to accomplish something else. Part of that "something else" is Agenda 21.

Various and sundry groups have sounded the alarm about Agenda 21, some with dubious motives and a questionable track record. The John Birch Society, for example, is on the Agenda 21 bandwagon, as are several "conspiracy theory" groups and individuals.

I have never been a part of the John Birch Society. Some of their goals, at least in the past, have been so extremist as to hurt the conservative movement. And for the most part I am not a conspiracy theory person along the lines of Alex Jones.

There are enough legitimate conspiracies around to worry about without wasting our time on assuming that every single thing that we do not understand or is kept in secret involves some sort of wild conspiracy theory.

Agenda 21 is no conspiracy theory. It is a fact. It isn't even kept secret, except maybe the name of it. But its concepts are well-known.

Basically the program in this in a nutshell -- the U.N. wishes to force the United States to redistribute its wealth to poorer nations. It is Marxism on a global scale. This they have tried to do with "climate change," gun rights, and a host of other initiatives.

The U.N., naturally, wants all civilians in the world to be disarmed, just as they are in Europe. They fear armed citizens who would use their guns against an oppressive entity such as the U.N. The organization has used all sorts of schemes to get various nations, particularly the United States, to implement firearms registration and confiscation. And in so many instances our politicians and even some of our citizens are more than willing to jump on the bandwagon.

A disarmed citizenry cannot use force to stop what's next -- a universal tax that is designed to take money from American citizens in order to give to so-called "third world nations."

Here's how it works. The United States is blamed for most of the "global warming" due to our wealth and industrialized status. Therefore, we must pay for what we have done to the environment by sending multibillions of dollars to Indonesia, Bangladesh, and to dozens of poor countries in Africa.

But note that nothing is said about requiring this wealth distribution to hit China, India, Brazil, or the nations of the EU. Why?

For one thing, China and India are exempt because, according to this muddled thinking, they need leeway as they develop their economies. Thus, they can pollute all they wish with no consequences or negative repercussions. Further, the U.N. has made sure that only America gets blamed for all the bad, which allows them to conveniently overlook the industrialized nations of the EU.

Through Agenda 21 citizens will be told what they can and cannot do with their property. The EPA is already doing this, probably as a precursor to the time when the U.N. will assume control. Citizens are being gradually acclimated to having no say in the matter, no recourse, and of course, the tyranny of taxation without representation. We don't get to elect anyone to the U.N.

Much of this will involve the food people are allowed to grow on their own property, or I should say, the food they are disallowed to grow. Citizens are gradually being stripped of that right.

One of the main reasons food is a target is due to the fact that "global warming" is accelerated by what we eat and how it is grown or prepared, according to the enviro-fascists. Citizens, thus, must be forced into dietary changes that curb carbon output. Beef, pork, and other meats are identified as the main culprits.

But the unacceptable notion that the United States must foot the bill for this program globally is one of the more enraging aspects of Agenda 21.

In Rio de Janeiro in 1992, the U.N. General Assembly met to discuss these issues. Someone who was there and accompanied President George H.W. and Barbara Bush reported that as the event got underway, one speaker after another who represented various nations blamed the United States for "global warming" and demanded that it pay huge sums of money to other nations of the world. Nothing was mentioned about the UK or the EU having to do so.

It was said that Bush was so outraged by what he heard that by the time he rose to speak he only delivered a five-minute address, angrily warning the U.N. that the United States had no intention of abiding by such a sham.

But Bush would later sign the Agenda 21 document after a few changes were made. Nonetheless the basic plan remained the same. Bill Clinton was on board with the program as well.

The bottom line is that Agenda 21 is a direct attack on private property rights and free enterprise.

However, several unforeseen factors came into the picture that altered the success of Agenda 21's implementation. The first was an economic downturn. And later there was the now-infamous global warming hoax.

In 2009 it was discovered that U.N. climate scientists had cooked the books on the statistics concerning climate change. One highly embarrassing episode took place just prior to the U.N. Summit on Climate Change in Copenhagen during which it was disclosed that the basis for the theory was a Master's degree thesis submitted by a student who had not verified the facts using standard scientific methods. The U.N.'s point man on climate change had also used an article he found in a pop science magazine as the basis for pushing the theory. Once again, the article was not based on any fact discovered using the scientific method of inquiry.

Further, it was disclosed that the U.N. and certain proponents of the global warming theory in major universities had conveniently moved data collection devices in an unapproved manner. This greatly skewed the data. Weather data collection stations had been moved from colder climates to warmer climates. Some were even placed on top of buildings right in the path of air conditioning exhaust vents, where very hot air is sent out of the buildings.

Naturally one will get much warmer temperatures in such a scenario.

Once these facts were discovered, a dark pall was cast over the entire U.N. climate summit that year. And news organizations around the globe reported that the theory of man made global warming had been debunked, except for the mainstream media in the United States.

Why, then, do so many climate scientists insist that the theory of global warming, now called "climate change," is correct? The answer is they have to in order to receive funding from the government. Much of the funds universities use to pay for climate research is provided by the federal government and other entities that are pushing the global warming theory, and if a scientist says he is a skeptic, they get no research funds, and their programs are shut down.

The other reason is that by continuing with the big lie that mankind caused global warming an excuse is provided by which entities such as the U.N. can demand payment from "polluter nations" such as the United States. And politicians can attempt to justify changing our way of life from top to bottom in order to stop the dreaded global warming from taking place. Thus, we are told what we cannot eat, what we cannot drive, and car makers are told they must begin making their vehicles virtually out of sand in order to greatly expand their gas saving features.

Why would I want to drive a truck that is not designed as a truck with sturdy, top of the line materials? If I want to drive an aluminum can I can buy a "smart car" or a Volt. But this is precisely what the powers that be want. They want me out of my truck and into one of these death traps that get 40 miles per gallon.

Thus, there are significant roadblocks in the way of the full implementation of Agenda 21, but these people are persistent and relentless. And they will resort to hysterics if they don't get their way.

After all, over the past week I have heard several so-called "scientists" and hammer-headed politicians state that "climate change deniers ought to be jailed."

No, but I tell you who should be serving lengthy prison sentences. It is the liars and perpetrators of a scam in the U.S. government and at the U.N. involving blackmail, extortion, and other crimes, all in the name of getting our money to fund unneeded programs.


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