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What is the soldering station and how to choose one?

A soldering station is a type of mechanical device that is used to weld or melt different types of metals together, perhaps because the gadget has developed a fissure or a crack that needs a quick fix or repair. This should not be confused with the soldiering iron which is a type of handheld device that is shaped like a long pen-like instrument which transfers the heat at the very tip. Most of these types of irons are very difficult to control in regards to the amount of heat that they give off. However, the solder station consists of its own power regulation loop that results in a higher level of control of the attached iron’s temperature.

In a basic soldering station, users are happy to find a platform or stand that is used for the placement of the hot iron when it is not being used. A wet sponge is usually offered when you are purchasing the soldering station kit, which can be used for keeping the entire device clean and free from debris, solder, and metal pieces. Some of your kits may also include a rework station, used primarily for surface mounted components. Other kits my offer a hot air gun, a soldiering head, or a vacuum tool used for picking up many of the smaller pieces of metal and solder. There are also desoldering stations available for purchase, as well.

Weller Brand

Perhaps the most popular brand of station is the Weller brand. Developed in 1945 by Karl Weller, the inventor was initially a radio repairman by trade. He needed a smaller welding device that could fit into the many tight spaces of the rapidly advancing radio gadgetry of the day. He invented his first soldering station, which he then shortly began offering to the public at a small fee. Before he knew it, his career had transitioned from simple radio repair to industrialist innovator and forward thinking inventor. Most experts in the industry today always give the Weller kits a very positive review.

Later Advancements

Like most soldering stations, the Weller kit comes with a power station, a soldering iron, and the needed cleaning sponge. Weller is known for providing a very durable product that is very easy to learn to use for the hobbyist or soldering professional. Some of the more recent designs offer digital upgrades that provide even more accurate and precise readouts of the temperature regulation features for the soldering iron. All fluctuations and variations in temperature are now easily monitored and regulated through this highly sophisticated digital technology.

Some consumer report websites rave about the automated power reduction technological improvements in their Weller soldering station. These advancements help to reduce the amounts of power that the soldering station requires, saving regular users of the device from excessively high utility bills. Most experts in soldering even consider the Weller 15 watt pencil iron a “must have” tool for any reputable soldering technician because of its finer tip and ability to fit into the most difficult of limited spaces. If you want to learn more about how to choose the best soldering station, please visit here.

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