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What is the self reliance movement?

An example of self reliance through generating your own energy
An example of self reliance through generating your own energy
Boyd Norton, 1936-, Photographer

The self reliance movement is a work in progress and includes the ability to be completely self sufficient in every possible way. Can you imagine your world with no electric, water, or sewer bill? How about the ability to produce and store 80-100 percent of your food? These are just some of the vital aspects of the self reliance movement. Many believe this is the future and the best thing that could happen to our world and our economy. Let’s find out why by learning the key aspects of this movement.

Growing and storing your own food

The economy during the last several years has forced many people to find other more creative ways to save on their grocery bill. A search through the internet will find you thousands of articles to read up on to help you become more self reliant through gardening, foraging, and food storage.

There is a science and art to both growing and storing food. Even apartment dwellers can find a way to grow some of their own food. Growing your own food includes fruits, vegetables, nuts & legumes, and meat and dairy sources.

Once you begin to experiment and practice the skills of the self reliance movement you begin to realize that this is a way of life. It can be very exciting to realize that you can grow, forage, and store so much food.

Generate your own energy

Another fascinating aspect of the self reliance movement is the ability to create enough energy that you are no longer a slave to the electric company. There are many ways to accomplish this. Examples are solar power energy, wind power, geo-thermal heating, wood burning hot water tanks, hydro power, evaporative cooling systems, and the list goes on.

There are hundreds if not thousands of free videos to watch online that will teach you how to produce your own energy. This practice of energy production is a key element of the self reliance movement.

Prepare for your own health care needs

Much of this aspect of self reliance comes from the knowledge of our ancestors. Learning to identify medicinal plants is a must when living this lifestyle. A key element of this phase of the movement is learning techniques for first aid and preventative medicine. This type of information can also be found all through the internet but it is important to learn from an experienced and well trained professional when dealing with something this vital.

Self defense

The art of self reliance would not be complete without this important aspect. In the event that there is a major catastrophe those who can protect their family will be able to survive much longer. The National Guard cannot be in every town in every city and state in case of a national emergency. This means your group needs to understand how to patrol, how to stay physically fit, security and how to respond to injuries. Most that have joined the movement learn early on how important this aspect is.

Permaculture and homesteading

Permaculture and sustainability go hand-in-hand. Learning to be self reliant includes the ability to sustain oneself. The integration of natural systems within your homestead is vital to a sustainable future. The movement has created courses for these types of systems in several countries. This type of lifestyle of self reliance is a continual learning process that will forever change you.

Other important aspects

Practicing home schooling, making your own clothes, making your own toiletries, and recycling your own waste are essential elements of the self reliance movement. Because this is a way of life, it is also a continual and never ending learning experience. Once hooked, most never look back or return to that dependence on energy, food, or medical needs. This movement spans all walks of life in countries all over the world. Teaching people to be self-sufficient is an incredible achievement.

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