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What Is The Secret Ingredients In Lip-Plumping Gloss That Actually Work?

Almost every woman on this earth dreams about having sensuous and fuller lips. The good news is that there are a few ways to get the dream lips. When we talk about getting full lips, the first thing that comes to mind is surgery. However, surgery is not the best way to get plumper lips because there are many drawbacks, which are
You might not get the desired shape or fullness

  • Recovery period is too painful
  • You will have to go on post-op medication
  • Makes your lips look unnaturally plump
  • It is very expensive

Fortunately, surgery is not the only option that can solve this problem; there are easier and much more effective ways. One such non-surgical method is by using lip glosses. The cosmeticians have come up with lip glosses that can make the lips look fuller and sensuous with close to no effort. The effect maybe temporary but lip glosses make the lips look naturally plump, and the best thing is you can buy a limp plumper and keep it in your bag for repeated application. Lip plumplers are a much cheaper yet an effective way to solve the issue of thin lips.

You can either have naturally thin lips, or you might be getting them due to aging, smoking or changes in collagen or fat in the body, no matter what a limp plumper is the answer you are looking for. This product has been made after years of research because the desire for perfect lips goes way back in 1800s.

How Do It Work?
lip glosses contain ingredients that act as irritants for your lips. This irritation is the main reason why lips swell and seem to look fuller. Plumpers have ingredients like cinnamon, capsaicin and wintergreen that cause this irritation on the lip. To minimize this tingling sensation, manufacturers put a few extra ingredients to reduce the stingy effect that is produced by applying the lip plumper on skin.

lip glosses can also be made at home, all you need is a little research on the internet and you'll find different ways to make inexpensive lip glosses. The best thing is that you will probably have almost all the ingredients that are needed in the process at home.

A lot of women complain about the stingy effect that is caused by the lip glosses; it only happens because of certain ingredients used. All products in the market have different ingredients. It is advised to choose the one which has mild ingredients. Even if you decide to make a lip plumper at home, use all the ingredients you want, but keep them mild otherwise the tingling sensation can turn painful. Another way to go around this problem is to add extra ingredients like sugar and water which minimize the stingy effect.

Most of the lip glosses have spicy ingredients, such as hot pepper, menthol and cinnamon. A combination of niacin and caffeine is also used, whereas, some plumpers use use a B vitamin with vasodilation properties. Vasodilation means the blood vessel's smooth cells expand; this creates a swollen effect on your lips. Almost all the plumpers contain hyaluronic acid and collagen that work to hydrate the lips and swell them up to create the plump look.

A Glossy Gloss can do the Trick too
Most of the regular and the most basic glossy lip glosses in the market can also create a plumping effect. They don't actually plump your lips up, but rather their shiny layer makes your lips look a bit fuller. However, a lip plumper is still the better option if you want naturally plumper looking lips, but a glossy gloss can also do the trick.

How to put the lip plumper on?
Putting on lip glosses requires a special technique. The best way is to make use of lip pencils. Applying lip plumper on the entire lip is not recommended; you must select the fullest area of the lip and sketch a line on the bow of your top and the bottom lip. Now apply the lip plumper with slight touches inside the sketched area and use lipstick all over it. It is recommended that you use a gloss or a lipstick with a glossy effect.

Is It Safe?
lip glosses are absolutely safe! There aren't any harmful ingredients being used in it, however some might develop an allergic reaction to some of the ingredients. To stay safe, if your plumper's tingling sensation turns painful then you should stop using your lip plumper at once, it might be a certain ingredient in the plumper that your lips are allergic to. Other than that there is nothing harmful about using a lip plumper. Some dermatologists advise not to use lip glosses on a daily basis because they cause dryness, but if the dryness is taken care of by using Vaseline or lip cream then lip glosses can be used more often.

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