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What is the salary of the 'Dancing with the Stars' celebrities?

"Dancing with the Stars"
"Dancing with the Stars"

Many people love watching the popular dance reality show, "Dancing with the Stars" on ABC.

Some wonder about the salaries of the celebrity dancers and the professional dancers. Neither the producers of “Dancing With the Stars” nor ABC executives have ever released any information on how much the participants of the hit dance competition get compensated.

We do have an indication of what the celebrities get thanks to the minors who appear on the show such as Shawn Johnson who was 16 at the time, Zendaya Coleman, 16, and Cody Simpson, 17. Their contracts had to be approved by a judge. Also, Heather Mills' salary had to disclosed when she went through a divorce from Paul McCartney after she was a contestant

The initial amount guaranteed in Johnson’s case was a base salary of $125,000, but that contract also included training for a minimum of 20 hours per week, which began several weeks prior to the season premiere.

If a celebrity makes it to weeks three and four, they get an additional $10,000 each week. For weeks five to seven, an additional $20,000 for each week is added. For weeks eight and nine, $30,000 for each week is added. If the stars make it to the last two weeks, they earn an additional $50,000 each week. That brings the total to a possible $345,000 for those who make it to the finale whether they win the mirror ball trophy or not.

The salaries for the professional dancers are much less. It was once reported that the pros made $1,600 per episode in the early days of “Dancing with the Stars,” but now they can earn as much as $5,200, depending on their popularity.

The veteran pros can negotiate their salaries because of their popularity.

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