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What is the real reason for Obama's PR overseas trip?

Hyperinflation will drain savings.
Hyperinflation will drain savings.
Dollar collapse

Many are still wondering what the purpose is of Obama’s Asia tour.  If it is a PR meeting, is not going well; some G20 members are already chastising the Fed decision of printing more money.  It doesn't look good for the U.S. agenda before they even begin the talks scheduled in South Korea.  Obama is trying to sell them that QE2 is needed for growth and that U.S. growth is good for everyone.  The truth is that the Fed has to finance the debt if not the Treasury will have no money to pay the bills and the U.S. will default, that is the main reason.  QE1 already proved that it couldn’t stimulate growth but only pushed back the day of reckoning.  They will continue to monetize the debt; they will default by creating so much money that default will come as the result of the dollar being worthless and therefore so the debt.  This QE2 is not designed for growth, it is to avoid and immediate collapse.  We can rest assure that if the value of the dollar does not largely devalue as the result of QE2 there will be QE3 to finish the job.

For Americans it is a disaster either way.  This path will take us to a hyperinflation that will take away from the poor the ability to feed themselves.  The middle class will go thru their savings in a short period and they will have to default on their mortgages because that money will have to be allocated for food. At some point they may find themselves homeless and hungry too.  There is no telling how many more business will collapse from the lack of revenues, as their customers will divert that money into buying food. Millions of more jobs will be lost and commercial Real Estate defaults will accelerate along with home mortgages.

It is a certainty that these things and many more will take place; the only factor missing is the time.  This economic disaster appears to be the result of decades of bad management and decisions but it is not. In depth study of the current situation reveals that what is happening is the result of a well planed agenda.  The collapse of the U.S. economy and the dollar has been done by design and so is the theft of Real Estate by forcing default on our citizens.  We can truly look at the Real Estate mess as a well planned land and property confiscation.

What we are yet to see is the desperate reaction of the American people and the political changes that will take place as the result.  Will the people be able to revert towards the roots that founded our nation or will they be absorbed into the planned total global control agenda?