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What is the Professional Etiquette for Requesting Friends on Facebook?

Facebook Friend Request Etiquette
Facebook Friend Request Etiquette

Dear Sharelle,
I have a business and I am starting to request acquaintances and friends of friends to increase my center of online influence.
How do I do this without being UNCLASSY?

New in Business,


Dearest Natasha:
Facebook is now the social watercooler. No longer do we over-share our slightly accurate, bragadocious stories of the weekend with our co-workers during restroom breaks, we now share them with the world on Facebook. Well some of us do. There are those of us on Facebook who value our privacy and do not simply accept a friend request because it is submitted, we accept friend requests because-well we know them. We have to respect those people as well!

Here is the Etiquette of requesting friends on Facebook:

1. If you know a person: Request them as a friend, if you know that your first and last name will be familiar to them. And if you were on good terms the last time that you connected in real life. If you have never connected in real life, please refer to number two. Or if you were NOT on good terms but you have since been saved or changed your life then you should also refer to number two.

2. If you know OF a person: And you would like to have them as a Facebook friend, make sure that you send them an accompanying inbox message and tell them WHY you would like to be friends with them. If you fail to do this then you may not only be rejected as a friend you could also end up in FB jail because people will indicate to Facebook (alias Big Brother) that they do not know you. This also means do not just go requesting random people because you like their smile or other parts of their anatomy. Your Facebook privileges may be suspended and if you make a habit of it-revoked.

If you have any other etiquette or relationship questions please do not hesitate to contact me and we can hash out the right and wrong of them here, just email me at

Classily Yours,
Sharelle D. Lowery
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