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What is the ‘Killshot’ event?

Ed Dames, a retired U.S. Military major, has issued a dire warning via a variety of radio interviews about what he calls a ‘Killshot’ event coming in the near future.

A huge solar flare like nothing ever seen before could destroy us and our planet.
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

According to Major Dames, the Killshot will involve a series of major solar flares that will not only take out all communications but also affect virtually every new technology from computers to cellphones. On January 8, 2014, issued a news release stating that a huge solar flare was unleashed by the sun and delayed the “launch of a private cargo ship by Orbital Sciences to the International Space Station due to worries over space weather radiation.”

Calling this eruption a “massive sunspot seven times the size of earth,” the release noted that the “robotic Cygnus spacecraft” was to deliver “a landmark cargo” but could not do so because of the “potential for solar radiation” that would “interfere with critical systems like gyroscopes and avionics.”

He has predicted that ultimately, major parts of the earth will become virtually uninhabitable due to the flares and billions of people could die. He also noted that this solar flare ‘extinction level’ event is expected to wipe out life as we know it..

Major Dames has also predictions that there will be an “economic collapse. He noted that this will occur “on a global scale” and reports that the economy is recovering are a “lie.” He noted that “smaller currencies/countries will show signs of this dire situation in 2014.” Already “breaking financial news out of the UK shows that the country has taken part (in) fraudulent activity to show ‘economic recovery’ on paper but in fact, the country is still declining.

As well, he predicted a nuclear disaster due to Fukushima. “In just the first five weeks of 2014," he said, "this has already been hitting the mainstream media in a big way." “First, reports of radioactive plumes coming from Fukushima was revealed as breaking news in Europe (most covered up in the U.S.A.), which corresponds to the U.S. government ordering 14 million doses of Potassium Iodine pills for radiation poisoning.

And he added, “Now there’s even more breaking news that radiation at Fukushima is actually 5 times higher than previously reported. If anything is for sure, TEPCO and Japanese media wants to keep the truth under warps.”

With all of these things combined, Major Dames noted that millions of people could starve to death and be left without medical help causing disease to become rampant the world over. However, he added that there are “safe areas,” such as Native reserves where people should, if possible, go before this event occurs. Those who intend to stay in their homes should be well stocked with the necessary food and supplies.

Remote viewing involves the use of the subconscious mind to envision persons, places or things in the present and future. Participants in the Army’s remote viewing training program led by Major Dames were attempting to determine if their would be a nuclear war when many of them began to see this major disaster. He recently released a DVD (free to the public), in which he talks about a number of signs leading up to the 'Killshot,' including a spaceship crashing to earth and North Korea's plan for all-out nuclear war.

Aside from the events already noted, he has also predicted a number of events with amazing accuracy, including the Japan tsunami and nuclear disaster in 2011, a 9.0 Indonesian earthquake that occurred in December 2004, a new killer fungus that is devastating crops, which made headlines in September, 2013, dying honeybees due to a virus, gold prices dramatically rising (the subject of a news report on February 7, 2014), mutating frogs, which have been discovered over the last 10 years or so, and North Korea acquiring nuclear weapons capability (nuclear tests were conducted in October 2006 and in May 2009).

Due to the horrifying nature of the ‘Killshot,” Major Dames has held a number of “remote viewing workshops” across America and has released downloadable class lessons for those who wish to learn the skill at home. His goal is not only to teach others how to remote view this and other events but also to provide vital information such as sanctuaries where people can go to be safe. One of the safe locations that he mentioned are Native Indian reserves, however no explanation was given as to why. Perhaps it has to do with learning how to live off the land again, since many Native tribes continue to do this.

Major Dames has also talked more recently about the imminent collapse of the earth’s magnetic field on Coast-toCoast A.M.
For more on this collapse and what might result from it see: Dames foresees magnetic field collapse before the 'Killshot.'

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