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What is the future of Ukraine?

Now that Crimea is under Russia. What would be the future of Ukraine? Is the United Nation will impose heavy sanction on Russia?

What's next to Crimea?
What's next to Crimea?
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

The world is watching when Vladamir Putin at this moment ignores the west and other adjoining countries that this is an unlawful act based on International Law.

The question lies if other countries can invade the near country all we have to do at this moment stand on the sideline and do nothing? Laws were made to be imposed and followed. However, on the part of Russia just like the old days?

On the time of Hitler, he covered almost all part of Europe. However, hunger for power paid the price. Hitler lost the war. We do not want to go there to impose senseless violence to humanity. This is the 21st century where we can talk it out whatever differences we may have and resolve it.

If we go back in the history of Ukraine, it was a part of Russia under Catherine the Great in the 1800s until 1954. It is only possible to honor the sovereign country of Ukraine as they had their own independence, but it appears that Putin won’t give up the fight because of his interest to its natural resources that is now under Russia.

This would be a precedent to other countries that they could invade their neighboring country or countries despite the outcry of the United Nation and the United States? When the leader is a dictator, this is what we get? Never listen to reason?

Secretary of State Kerry made an attempt to stop this and President Obama to circumvent such a decision of Putin. It appeared. We failed and admonished without repercussion?

What would be the future of Russia that now break-away to peace? Will Russia pay a hefty price for her action? Are we going to let the Russians suffer because of their leader’s fault?

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