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What is the difference between making your own coffee, and going to a coffee shop?

Make your coffee at home
Make your coffee at home
Keith A. Little

You might think that by going to a local coffee shop that you are getting the better deal on your coffee. The truth is that you might actually be getting the lesser deal. At a coffee shop, you don't have to worry about making your drink. Instead, you have to worry that the person behind the counter has been making coffee long enough to make your coffee the way you like it.

Consistency is the hardest thing to teach people in the coffee industry because we all like to believe that we know how to make a drink. In a local coffee shop, you may even find that two employees might make a drink quite differently. This means that if you want it done the way you like it, that you need to tell the person behind the counter exactly the way you want it, and then depend on them to make it.

At the bigger coffee shops like Starbucks, you may find that the turn around rate of their employees might be too high, and you are being subjected to a new employee that doesn't know what they are doing yet every other week or month.

All this headache just to pay more for that latte' you could have made from home, in the way you prefer, for under half the cost, that will take you the same amount of time in the morning that you are waiting on the other side of the counter at a coffee shop anyway.

It seems like a lot of hassle just to get your favorite drink and pay someone else to make it.


  • Ken 5 years ago

    Amen! Good beans, a French press and a small espresso machine can work wonders right in the comfort of your own home.

    Good article. Thanks.

  • Riya Aarini, Chicago Dessert Restaurant Examiner 5 years ago

    Yeah, I like my coffee at home, too. But, when it comes to frozen concoctions, I haven't yet mastered that art like a good Starbuck's can do.

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