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What Is The Best Cream Against Melasma

Summertime or tropical weather can affect your skin. Your skin ages faster and looks patchy due to the exposure to the UV rays. Uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation like melasma are some of the common skin problems that appear on your skin.

Melasma is also known as the mask of pregnancy or chloasma. If you do nothing about it, gradually you will look tired and old, which also makes you unattractive. But if you can find the best cream against melasma, then your skin can regain its youthfulness and luminosity.

Typically, women of color are more prone to melasma. In fact, almost 70% of pregnant women have melasma. This is because of the spike in their hormonal levels during pregnancy. Unfortunately, sun exposure will make the brown spots worse.

Melasma arise because of the excess of melanin in the skin. Melanin is your color pigment, which determine the color of your skin and hair. The cellular activity in melanocytes is activated by the hormones or UV rays, which leads to production of melanin. The unwanted melanin will accumulate and form discolored patches.

Although some women notice their brown spots reduced after giving birth, but most of them have melasma for a long time. And it gets more prominent with every pregnancy.

If you want to repair your skin, you should use the best bleaching cream for melasma. The ingredients should reduce the production of melanin. This should clear your spots over time.

One ingredient that attracts my attention is longan extract. Professor Usanee of Thailand found that extracts from the seeds of a dried longan fruit contains 30 times more antioxidants than Vitamin E and 50 times more lightening effect than Vitamin C. The good thing about longan extract is that it is natural. This means it does not contain any toxins. Apart from reducing melasma, it can improve the production of collagen and elastin. So, your skin will be more vibrant and elastic.

You can also use melasma creams that contain natural ingredients such as licorice, niacinamide, arbutin, ascorbic acid, and kojic acid. It is more effective when they have a fusion of several natural skin lightening agents.

You need to be careful with some imported skin whitening creams. They may contain heavy metals such as mercury that can compromise your health. Mercury is found to have negative effects on your kidney. So make sure you go through the label thoroughly. Some manufacturers are smart enough not to use the term "mercury" on the label. So if you see unfamiliar terms like mercurio, mercuric, mercurous, or calomel on the label, they are all mercury.

Using creams to treat melasma alone is not effective without proper sun protection. For best results, always wear sunscreen every day when you are outside your home. Don't let the affected area to be exposed to the sun. For some areas that are not suitable for sunblock, then wear sun protective clothing or a hat. Taking this step can also prevent melasma from recurring.

So what is the best cream for melasma? It is hard to say. It all depends on the severity of your skin problem. Yet, it is better to use natural based creams. Why make your pigmentation worse with harsh or skin irritating ingredients? Try some products first and see how your melasma react to each of them. Remember that patience is the key.

If you want to learn more about melasma treatment, is a good resource. It has articles on various options such as natural remedies, creams, and laser. You can also visit skin care forums and join in the discussion so you can discover ways to reduce chloasma.

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