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What Is The Best Communication App For People Living In A Multi-Tenant Building?

Status updates, tweets, multimedia messaging and text messages have redefined the term simplicity. Compatible applications for smartphones and tablets that possess features of social networking, text and multimedia messaging have made things extremely flexible for the common man. With increasing work hours and the commitment of spending time with his / her family, smartphones and apps provide the perfect deterrent to allow for users to maintain communication.
When several individuals are living in a multi-tenant building, would it be feasible for them to indulge in communication using the traditional ‘walk up to the person and start talking’ way or would they rather use social networking apps to convey the message more effectively. It can be a little bit of both. However, a recent survey showed that 54% of individuals globally; who possess smartphones, would rather engage in conversations using apps on their phone than meeting the person face to face.

How The Hive Network Help To Improve The Communication Experience?

Since a very high percentage of smartphone users resort to using apps to communicate, what do you think is going to happen when that individual is in close proximity of people thanks to living in a multi-tenant building? He / she will no doubt start using the apps for means of communication. However, using apps in such an environment will be detrimental to the communication experience for the user. This is because he/she would want to create a separate group where the tenants can converse separately rather than getting engaged with his/her circle of friends present on other groups. Fortunately for them, Hive Network provides the perfect environment for creating a multi-tenant group.

How So?

Unlike other communication apps, Hive Network caters to a handful of people living in a small building. To be more specific, the Hive Network only allows a network to be constructed within the boundary walls of the multi-tenant building. Some people might believe that this will kill communication and productivity altogether. On the contrary!! It will further augment the communication cycle between the tenants.
Let us put up a scenario. The more people you have in your friends circle, the more difficult it will be to communicate with them. The larger the number of people, the less amount of time will be able to get allocated in conversing with them. See the difference? Now, multi-tenant buildings will no doubt have a large number of people accommodated but not as much as compared to a vast social circle.
The best thing about the app is that no one outside the building will be able to join the group. That is what makes the app stand out. This results in an organized community type environment within the building. Furthermore, in a community, people will be given certain responsibilities in order to keep the community working in a proper balance.
Similarly, the same concept will be applied to the multi-tenant building. A person can voluntarily choose to provide the necessary details transpiring in the building in order to keep the inhabitants up to speed and edified on the necessary information.
This is the difference between the Hive Network and the regular apps. So if you are living in a multi-tenant building, this app will more than just serve your purpose.

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