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What is the Best Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil is quickly becoming one of the most popular oils used in homes and businesses all over the world. With so many brands available it is sometimes difficult to know which one to choose. It is smart to be selective since not all coconut oils are the same. A few things to keep in mind when choosing a coconut oil are:

• Make sure the coconut oil is certified organic. This will ensure that it is made without pesticides, artificial ingredients or preservatives.
• Make sure that the coconut oil is unrefined, which means that it is virgin or extra virgin. It also means that it is non-hydrogenated as well as cholesterol and trans fat free.
• Examine the label to make sure that the coconut oil does not contain any harmful or artificial ingredients. Some containers will look good on the front, but the label will show that other ingredients have been added.
• Check the color of the coconut oil. It should be white, and it should have a sweet smell.
The following are a few of the best brands of coconut oil. They are all certified organic and are made with no artificial ingredients.

Nutiva is a company based in California that is dedicated to making the most wholesome, nutritious and organic foods possible. Nutiva coconut oil is certified organic with no additives, preservatives, pesticides or gluten. It is totally organic, unrefined and cold pressed. In fact, Nutiva presses the oil within ten hours of cutting open the fresh coconut which enables them to create an oil with a fresh coconut flavor. Nutiva coconut oil is available in three convenient sizes: 15 oz., 29 oz. and 54 oz. It can be purchased online as well as in health stores in Canada and in the United States.

Artisana coconut oil is a high quality oil made without pesticides, sugar, salt, gluten, preservatives, or artificial flavors. It is unrefined, non-hydrogenated, and certified organic. Artisana coconut oil is full of nutrients and flavor and can be used in smoothies, as a substitute for butter, and even as a skin moisturizer. Artisana is a small organic food company that supports small family farms from which they buy their produce. Their goal is to make the healthiest organic foods possible while giving back to the communities that they serve.

Carrington Farms
Carrington Farms has been making 100% organic food products for nutritious minded people around the United States since the year 2000. Carrington Farms organic extra virgin coconut oil is certified organic and cold pressed. It contains no trans fat, hydrogenated fats or chemicals. Their company, which is based in New Jersey, is able to keep their prices lower than other brands by selling in bulk to stores such as Costco.

Be selective when choosing coconut oil. Make sure to choose an organic brand that is unrefined. The refined oils may be less expensive. However, the unrefined coconut oils are definitely worth the price. Consider taking a look at some of the brands of coconut oil mentioned above. Also, remember that coconut oil has many uses. It can be used in cooking, as a hair conditioner and even as a natural skin moisturizer.

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