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What is that goop under my car?

is this your transmission ?
is this your transmission ?

 Automotive fluids have changed considerably in the last 5 to 10 years, some these days are more environmentally safe, and some are even more dangerous. It is wise to not touch any fluid, and to soak up with a good absorbant with some nuetralizers in it.   What ? You say. ok speaking for all of us how about "kitty litter' there are varios types of garage floor sweeps, oil and fluid absorbents and the old stand-by cat litter.  As with all chemicals these days read the labels, some are not safe if stored in a humid, hot , tight area, some should not be kept for very long.

 Every household should have an emergency response spill clean-up supply, large heavy duty plastic bags, mechanic quality rubber gloves, absorbants, breathing aspirators, eye flush wash, and some water, and duct tape.  Label that bin or barrel very brightly or with orange tape, so in an emergency anyone can find it.

Batteries of all types have highly toxic and damaging acid, and can be explosive, if any sparks occur, so beware if you see a sweating or wet battery, or a very acrid smell.  Jump starting can be potentially damaging or dangerous. If you dont remember anything remember this, the black leads go to heavy metal brackets, not to the battery and are the last one to be connected, that is the safety part.  The damage prevention is Do Not try to start the dead battery car with the other one running, that surge can easily damage the running vehicles electrical system in many different ways, seemingly unrelated, alarms, windows, dash lights, or even your alternator, then you will have two dead cars.

 The best way is to hook up the cables, red to battery positive/or red covered terminal, black to good solind steel which is getting more and more difficult, but usually found near the pulleys. Then make sure the key is off on the dead vehicle and let the running one run for 5 minutes or so, then shut it off and try the dead one. Go a little longer next time if needed, and disconnect cables black first.

Changing you engine oil is still the best way to make your vehicle last much longer, and can usually be done safely at home, the stores sell a drain pan that captures the oil and has a plug and cap so you can take it to your local parts store and they take the oil for free.(most of them)

Next edition brake system wear and tear and expected costs and parts during a brake job.


  • Diane Jones 4 years ago

    Very informative article. thanks for the information

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