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What is that glow?

And all of us, as with unveiled face, [because we] continued to behold [in the Word of God] as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are constantly being transfigured into His very own image in ever increasing splendor and from one degree of glory to another; [for this comes] from the Lord [Who is] the Spirit. (2 Corinthians 3:17-18 AMP)

God's word can be tough, convicting, and powerful but it can also be beautiful, tender and full of love. To stare at it, study it, changes us. We look in a mirror, the word, and see God's glory. Moses looked at the form of God and his face had a glow. He had to hide his face with a veil because of his hard-hearted people and their fear and disdain of his glow. God wants us unveiled so we can always behold in God's word His glory. His word is like a double edged sword dividing from the soul the sin. That way we grow in splendor and purity little by little, step by step. This doesn't come from our brilliant mind or our soft heart. It comes from the Holy Spirit our counselor, our guide, our comforter.

There's a man who studies the Bible about eight hours most days of the week. He wants to learn God's word with all his heart. This man has joy and mischievous ways that endear him to people. He's not stuffy or holier-than-thou. God's word has put joy and the glow from it in this gentleman's heart. He's someone to be an example to people as he follows Jesus.

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