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What is Thanksgiving to our young children


photo by Photo Xpress

Thanksgiving traditions in Elementary schools are more about learning the stories of the Pilgrims and their gathering. In an Early Childhood setting Thanksgiving is more about being thankful and giving, and asking the children what they are thankful for.

Writing the children’s saying on paper and displaying it on the wall so it is at their level and families can see it. Many teacher’s get creative with this and make a giant turkey on the wall and the feathers that surround it are of the sayings of the children. This is a wonderful way to display print in the classroom as well as parents love to see what their child did for the day.

It’s a great time to incorporate lessons about manners and family style dining in the classroom. If you have your child in preschool and they serve lunch, ask if they do family style dining. This is a great way for children to use their social skills and manners. Family style dining is where you put the food into serving bowls and having appropriate serving spoons for children to serve themselves. This gives children the opportunity to use their words for example, “please pass me the milk?” These are teachable moments and parents can continue this style at home, and some of you might be doing this already.

Remember every moment for a young child is a learning moment. Holidays are a great way to teach children about giving and helping others. Some preschool classrooms have food drives and collect foods for local organizations.
Children love to help and it gives them an intrinsic feeling that they will carry with them for a life time and they will want to keep helping others.


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