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What is Texas Country?

Here in Texas, trying to avoid country music is impossible. You will find it in restaurants, bars, gas stations, and offices, just to name a few. So, even those people that do not enjoy the genre as much as others will still here the twangy music, and will recognize a few songs. So when you add the Texas pride in with the country music genre, you get Texas Country.

So this brings up a few questions that have been asked over the past few years.

Q. What separates Texas Country with any other Country music?

A. The fact that the singers/bands are all from Texas.

Q. What makes Texas Country so special?

A. See answer to question 1. Also, add in that there really isn’t a “set” sound to Texas Country. You will find the sounds ranging from traditional country to new country. Add in some undertones of rock, blues, folk, and basically any other genre you can think of.

Q. What makes Texas so special it has it’s own following for “Texas Country” and is it really deserving of notice?

A. Do I need to remind you that it is Texas? That is reason enough. And add in the fact that Texans are proud of all things Texas. So, Hell Yes!!! It deserves notice.

Q. Name one band/singer that is under the Texas Country category.

A. Just one???

This last question is what has inspired this set of articles. Periodically, new articles will be posted under the Texas Country Category. Not only does this allow me to explore deeper into Texas Country, but also allows me to share my love of the music to others.

There are new singers popping up on the Texas Country scene all the time. Some are really good, and some, not so much. So be sure to keep checking back to read the opinions of this examiner on those artists that fall in the Texas Country genre.


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