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What is so great about Beats Audio?

Is it all it's cracked up to be?
Is it all it's cracked up to be?

You may have noticed that lately there has been an increased hype with the beats audio brand. Computers are incorporating the technology in to the main hardware. HP computers have the brand name displayed proudly in the upper left corner of their all-in-one computers. Yet, it is not just the computers which have embraced this technology. Headphones with the beats audio logo are also an item which has done well. To a musician, filmmaker, composer, or editor this should raise the question “what is so great about beats audio?”.

Technology from a musical perspective

Most consumer products are designed by engineers and executives for the sole purpose of making money. Do not be fooled. This is the intent of beat audio. However, the design process is slightly more creditable because the technology has been blended with the artistry of music. Dr. Dre (or just Dre) has worked as both a musician and a producer. Where most would associate him with the rap music genre (such as his affiliations with Emineim, Snoop Dogg, and the NWA), Dre has also worked with famous artists from other genres such as Burt Bacharach .Taking his expertise in sound articulation, he has teamed with Jimmy Lovine.

Products which are designed for the musician

Whether you are in film or audio editing or a composer of stock music, one of the major problems that you will face is finding equipment that actually works with the film or audio to a professional level. Many high dollar devices offer precision or performance. It is difficult to find a product which offers both. More still, when working with software and sound devices from one program or platform to another, the results usually differentiate slightly. The main reason for this is that the developers make a one size fits all products and then mass produce it. There is a problem in this way of production.
Products, especially those dealing with audio precision which are designed to be mass produced usually have a limited level of precision. The designer is not so much worried about the performance so long as the design is aesthetically pleasing and overall function is at an acceptable level. The market can see this time and time again with products which need to be upgraded to fix the faults of not designing a product properly to begin with.
PCs and Mac computers vary in almost every software and hardware program tremendously. Where it is true that one company will offer the same program but catered to the PC or the Mac, you will be hard pressed to find software or hardware that is exactly the same. The two computer systems are just too different. Why then is sound equipment and hardware designed in a manner that caters to everything which makes sound as though it is all the same? Stereo systems and computers produce sound differently, PCs and Macs process sound differently, Cars and MP3 players are not alike in their musical output.
Keeping the music in mind, each system is tested for precision and articulation personally by Dre and Jimmy (this is each system and not each product). This ensures that the settings for HP computers, which have beats audio standard within the hardware, provide a crisp quality sound. At the same time Crysler automobiles which are equipped with beats audio are calibrated to take into consideration the interior space of the car, the reverberations of the waves in the enclose of the car, as well as the hardwiring of the stereo to the car. Their headphones are designed so that the decibels which are audible to the human ear are heard without causing damage to the eardrum.

Investing in the musical market

Regardless of your personal convictions on the musical style of Dre, the beats audio (also known as beatsbydre) has taken off at an astonishing rate. In 2008 beats audio released the headphones which have become popular with both listening and in professional settings. In 2012 51% of the headphone market was owned by beats audio. HP has incorporated beats audio in almost every PC which they offer. It is clear that the technology has been accepted and that the product is becoming the industry standard when it comes to obtaining high level audio.
Because of the 51% and increasing ownership and growing popularity, you would do well to invest some time researching whether this technology is appropriate for your film or audio projects. Financially speaking, products that tend to take over the industry are generally those for which other products are catered. For example: In the PC world Adobe CC is the industry standard, in the Mac work Final Cut X is the standard. Both film and audio equipment is designed to work seamlessly with these programs to increase the desire for professionals to invest in their products. Those which purchase other products often find themselves at a loss. You would be wise to consider the dominance of beats audio in the audio world and question if your editing software will soon be catered to the technology.

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