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What is search engine optimization techniques?

SEO Marketing
SEO Marketing

SEO is a set of techniques aimed at achieving Search Engine Optimization of a website to reach the first and coveted positions in the different major search engines or Meta Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Baidu.

What mainly distinguishes web positioning from other types of natural positioning is not so much the result as techniques involving same, i.e. the procedures by which these results are obtained. But first let's see what the SEO is.

What is SEO?

The various search engines visit and analyze websites in the network and based on that analysis classify them in their search results. This classification comes to a need to be as high as possible in order to achieve the website’s goals. The Search Engine Optimization is to respond to this demand and areas are very different but we can divide them into four main points.

SEO is Indexing

When a website is visited by a search engine that has to be understood properly. Read errors are one of the main reasons for the failure of a website in their ability to attract visits from search engines. SEO has to control everything the search engine reads in a doorway, do it correctly and do not read content that does not want to send the seeker ( private information , duplicate content , low quality content , etc.).

SEO is Popularity

Searchers take as a factor in their rankings what other Portals and Social Media have to say about their website, so take full account of the sites which have links from Social Media Portal or the same theme or niche. The SEO has to control all links and references that a website receives when promoting positive relationship building and quality with other sites, and monitoring, in turn not be prejudiced by negative signals such as SPAM by links. An important point in popularity is also the internal configuration of the site. The URLs of a website are interrelated so that it is also important to monitor the binding between these URLs.

SEO is Relevance

The search engine reads the entire contents of your website and decides what will be relevant in the searches particular content. SEO needs to study the configuration of the contents of a site so that they are relevant and aligned to the objectives of attracting traffic from search engines.

SEO is Effectiveness

As mentioned in the first paragraph the objectives of SEO dictates not SEO, SEO objectives are in and the Site for which you are working. The end users are who connect to the website and therefore the final product has to be efficient and make traffic managed, to translate into goals accomplished. So a SEO does not have to get traffic without more, the SEO has to get traffic that meets the objectives of the website. And therefore SEO is also analytic.

SEO is very crucial to entitle your site among and not why to be the top!