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What is Qigong?

Vital force is very similar to electrical energy.
Vital force is very similar to electrical energy.
courtesy ZY Qigong

There are several schools teaching Qigong in the Portland area but what is Qigong or Chi Kung and what benefit does it offer? Qi pronounced chee and sometimes spelled chi or ki is what is known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as vital energy. This vital energy keeps us healthy (long story short) throughout our lives. We lose qi in various ways, through emotional distress, injury, disease, and many other natural and supernatural processes. Qi can be gathered materially from objects like crystals or ingesting life force (eating) which are only a few of many methods for accumulating qi. It can also be cultivated on another level by practicing qigong or transferred to another person by a qigong healer or master.

Qigong is an exercise more of the mind than the body. There is a saying that “Qi goes where the mind goes” which is more or less the foundation of all practice. There are as many styles of qigong as there are martial arts and many systems have both.

Generally speaking, there are three main schools of thought regarding qigong: Martial, Medical, Spiritual or Scholarly methods.
Martial systems enhance the martial machine so to speak. It can raise the endurance, pain threshold, and sensitivity of a warrior and even the effectiveness of a given attack.
Medical qigong has very powerful qi gathering techniques that can be used to restore balance to a dysfunctional condition. There are thousands of documented cases of debilitating diseases (many incurable with western medicine) being held at bay and even miraculously cured using medical qigong.
Spiritual systems practice qigong to attain the highest mental achievements. There are many legends of the superhuman feats performed by masters of this discipline.

The reasons to learn qigong are as many as the systems available to learn. The benefits to be reaped from your time invested will be better health, mental focus, and much more. Something unlike most anything that you will ever learn in your life because it is something you can do every day that actually will benefit you every time you do it.

As with every incomprehensible display there are charlatan acts that ruin the credibility of even the most honorable master, but feeling is believing. Feel for yourself what qigong can do for you!


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