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What is pregnancy care?

Pregnancy care is a term that can mean a lot of different thing to a lot of different people, so it’s important to know how your insurance company defines it. In general, pregnancy care is any type of healthcare services that are provided to a person that are directly related to her pregnancy.

Some insurance policies have exclusions to their pregnancy care that can make things confusing, but let’s start by looking at what is generally covered. Pregnancy care typically includes any initial testing to confirm the pregnancy, periodic ultrasounds, a variety of prenatal tests, and usually a set schedule of prenatal care visits. In some cases, it can also include delivery and some coverage for the baby after he or she is born. It should be noted that some policies consider this to be a different part of the healthcare coverage.

For many people, their pregnancy care coverage will cover them through their entire pregnancy. In some cases, however, the question of what is covered and what is not can get complicated. For example, many policies state that that they cover standard prenatal testing. Parents who want advanced genetic testing for their unborn children, however, often have to ask their insurance provider if the service is covered as part of their pregnancy care. The answer to this question varies based on the insurance company and the type of policy the parent has in place.

It should also be noted that pregnancy care only covers health conditions related to the pregnancy and the baby. If a mother becomes sick or injured while she is pregnant, the services provided to her for that particular illness or injury are not considered to be part of pregnancy care. This means that they are usually covered under another part of the mother’s health care policy. It should be noted that services that are pregnancy related that occur while the mother is being treated for an accident or injury are covered. For example, if the mother is in a car accident and breaks her arm, setting the bone is not considered part of pregnancy care. A diagnostic ultrasound to make sure the baby is all right, however, is covered.

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